Children's Centres & Family Outreach


Melton Sure Start activities are held at 3 children's centres in Melton Mowbray: The Edge,The Cove and Fairmead. There is a Linked Children's Centre in Bottesford serving the Vale of Belvoir. Information, services and activities are available free of charge (unless otherwise stated) and offer extra support to families. These services can be offered in addition to support received from pre-school.  

Regular groups include Chatterbox,  Sing A Song A Story and Stay & Play.

There are also themed activities and 6 week courses running throughout the year including Treasure Hunts and Little Rascal Rambles at Melton Country Park; Messy Play; Toddler Cooking.

To book onto sessions, contact the Children’s Centre Receptionist. Telephone 01664 502429 or Email

For more information and the current activities timetable, visit the Melton Children's Centre website:

Family Outreach Service:

The Family Outreach team offers support to families with children of pre-school age.  The team offer a range of support to families including support with managing children's behaviour, general parenting advice and support, support with housing and benefits issues and supporting families to access services that would be of benefit to them. Families are welcome to contact Sure Start directly, or have a referral made on their behalf by pre-school.  You may contact the Children's Centre Reception or a Family Outreach Worker directly. Home visits by a Family Outreach worker can be arranged if required.

Rural & Family Outreach:

Denise Hathaway 01664 502515 or 07534 263817

Family Outreach: 

Elizabeth Carroll 01664 502429

Father's Outreach:

 George Simpson 01664 502405

Healthy Lifestyle Officer:

Hollie Paterson 01664 502362

Sure Start Children's Centre Addresses:


The Cove

Sysonby Street

Melton Mowbray

LE13 0LP


The Edge

Dalby Road

Melton Mowbray

LE13 0BQ



Drummond Walk

Melton Mowbray

LE13 1JH


Vale of Belvoir Children's Centre

Barkestone Lane


NG13 0AX