A Typical Day At Pre-School

No two days are identical at Long Clawson Pre-School. We have regular visits from a sports coach and varied professionals e.g fireman and dentist.  However, a typical day at pre-school has the following routine:


Parents arrive with children. Named coats and bags are hung on pegs and lunch boxes and water bottles are put in the labelled boxes. ​


Doors open and the children go off to explore different activities set out around the room. The staff and children do the register and sing the welcome song and we talk about the weather and our plans for the day. Activities are set up for the day and children are encouraged to select additional resources. 

However, see below for an example of routine practice at pre-school: 


Free play. A range of indoor and outdoor activities. Free flow operates between the indoor and outdoor areas.


Snack bar opens. Children are offered a healthy snack such as fruit, crackers or breadsticks and a drink of milk or water. (Water is freely available all day) Foods from around the world are also included in our snack bar choices. 


Free play and planned quiet time activities. Children are grouped according to levels of development in different areas of learning for adult led activities in the quiet area. 


Story time and singing. 


Morning session children leave the setting and remaining children sit at tables all together for their packet lunches.


Quiet time. Children are encouraged to rest with quiet activities, reading and educational programmes. 


Free play and adult led activities. 


Tidy away. 


Games and story time. 


Home time!!