Long Clawson Pre-School
Meet our Friendly and Experienced Team.  On joining pre-school each child is allocated a key person. This member of staff will be responsible for observing and recording your child's learning and development in your child's Learning Journey. Your child's key person should be your first point of contact where possible and a list of key persons will be posted on the notice board in the reception area. Your child's key person will arrange termly meetings with you, at your convenience, in order to update you on your child's progress.  All staff are first aid and safeguarding children qualified; this is reviewed every 3 years. 

Alice Hatherley - Pre-School Leader
NVQ3 Childcare 
Foundation Degree, Children and Young People, Early Years Pathway 
About Me: I live in Melton and have been working in childcare for ten years.  I love to play hockey and am involved in lots of sports.  I have a lovely cat called Molly.
Like: Sports and hockey 
Dislikes:Worms and slugs 

Kelly Clare - Assistant
CACHE Level 3 
Young People Workforce Diploma Level 3 
Studying for Foundation Degree, Children and Young People, Early Years Pathway. 
About me: I grew up in Melton and have lived in Long Clawson for the past 4 years. I  enjoy working at pre-school and am now working towards my Foundation Degree. I live with my partner, two children and two dogs. 
Likes: Animals and outdoor life 
Dislikes: Heights

Hayley Williams - Assistant Pre School Leader
NNEB Diploma in Nursery Nursing
About me: I was born in Nottingham, lived in Bournemouth for 10 years, worked and travelled around Australia and settled in Long Clawson in 2005.  I have 2 children age 5 and 7 who both attend the village primary school.  Over the years I have worked as a private nanny for several families in the UK and Australia.  I have been at Long Clawson Pre-School for a year already and the job satisfaction is fantastic
Likes: Children, animals, cars, roller coasters, family days out and holidays.
Dislikes: Cold, wet, windy weather!!

Our staff team receives an on going range of training which compliments daily life at pre-school. Between them, this has so far included:
Child Protection
Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy
Leadership and Management
First Aid
Partnership with Parents
Food Hygiene
Working with Vulnerable Families
Transition & Partnership
Child Observation
Magical Outdoor Play
Managing Behaviour
Promoting Positive Behaviour
Health & Safety
Birth to Three
Realising Children's Potential
Challenging bias, Ensuring inclusion
Persona Dolls
Signs and Symbols / Makaton
Risk Assessment
Making sense of Autism
CAF Training
Supporting Boys to Achieve
Effective Planning
Every Child a Talker
Child Development & the new EYFS

Long Clawson Pre-School Committee is made up of staff and parents who currently have children at pre-school. We are ultimately here to ensure the running of a sustainable and forward thinking pre-school. Protecting the pre-school is central to the high standard of education and quality of care our children receive on a daily basis by supporting the staff.  The Committee holds regular meetings throughout the year to discuss issues relating to the general running of pre-school, fundraising events and any topics for the benefit of the children. You may join the Committee at any time. 
The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held every September, which is open for all parents to attend. This is your opportunity to learn more about what the Committee does, projects we are currently working on and a chance to join the Committee if you would like to take part too. 
2017/18 Committee:
Chairperson: Sarah Hatherley
Vice Chair: vacant
Treasurer: Samuel Hatherley
Secretary & Website: vacant
Additional Committee Members: Fiona King, Ruth Foster, Sarah Woodhouse